What does"NTSC format"mean?

Answer National Television System Committee (NTSC) is the name of the television broadcast standard used in the United States. An NTSC broadcast contains 486 interlaced lines of resolution at 29.97 frames... Read More »

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What does NTSC mean on the Nintendo Wii?

NTSC on a Nintendo Wii refers to North American-manufactured versions of the console and identifies which games will work on it. For example, games made in in most parts of Europe or Australia are ... Read More »

What does PAL& NTSC mean in DVD talk?

The Phase Alternation Line (PAL) DVD format has a higher resolution---and therefore a clearer image--- than the National Systems Television Committee (NTSC) format. PAL is the standard format throu... Read More »

Does australia use ntsc or pal?

Australia's broadcast television system uses PAL, or Phase Alternating Line standard. First used in Germany in 1967, PAL utliizes a 625/50-line display. Proponents of the system joke that PAL stand... Read More »

Does the United Kingdom use PAL or NTSC?

The United Kingdom uses the Phase Alternate Line (PAL) video format. PAL is used throughout Europe and much of the Eastern Hemisphere, while its main competitor, National Television System Committe... Read More »