Pal or NTSC?

Answer This is a no thought process, just pick NTSC if you are in North America or Japan, anywhere else, probably PAL. Its that simple. Dont listen to the people who say, "PAL has more resolution" blah bl... Read More »

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What is PAL NTSC?

PAL (Phase Alternate Line) and NTSC (National Television System Committee) are encoding formats used in different parts of the world for television. It is important to note they are not compatible ... Read More »

Is the Wii NTSC or PAL?

The Nintendo Wii can be made for one of three regions: NTSC, PAL or NTSC-J. NTSC is the North American version, PAL is for Europe and NTSC-J is for Japan.References:Nintendo Wii: North AmericaNinte... Read More »

What is ntsc and what is pal?

NTSC stands for North American Television Standards Commission. It is a video signal standard used by the color television industry in the United States and Japan. PAL stands for the Phase Alterna... Read More »

Which is better: pal or ntsc?

On One Hand: PAL Delivers Better QualityPhrase Alternating Line (PAL) and National Television Standards Committee (NTSC) are names for video format standards for VHS tapes and DVDs. According to mi... Read More »