What does noticeable mean?

Answer Noticeable- adjective- evident; significant; worthy of notice; observant

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How to Get Noticeable Abs?

Getting abs isn't that hard. You just have to commit and ALWAYS stay positive. If you don't have the will power you won't have abs. Here are some simple steps I use to keep my abs looking nice.

How to Be a Noticeable Beauty?

What's a Noticeable Beauty? Is that one young lady who always looks perfect, and walks perfectly, and is very sociable too. And as the title says, she is noticeable, and wherever she goes, people a... Read More »

How can I get rid of my acne, I don't have THAT much but it's noticeable and I don't like it?

When I was 13 I had a bunch of pimples on my forehead that felt impossible to get rid of. Its stupid when people say " eat healthy " because you cant only get pimples from what you eat, it could be... Read More »

Are cataracts noticeable?

Physically visible no. Cataracts happen in a person's natural lens-inside the eye. Only visible by an ophthalmologist through a slit lamp.People with Cataracts will start noticing the symptoms, for... Read More »