What kind of video editor does the Nostalgia Critic use for his latest videos?

Answer You could send him a message through his YouTube channel and ask him. Many popular YouTube posters like those kinds of questions as opposed to insults, etc.

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Does anybody else feel a sense of nostalgia for 5 1/4 inch floppy disks, "turbo" buttons on CPUs...?

Yeah I get that way sometimes. I have a museum piece here though, Amstrad 8512 - Z80 variant, monochrome screen, 3" (yes 3"!) disks, 512k ram, CPM :-) And for those of you answering this question ... Read More »

Fancy some BB nostalgia?

Hows abouts some nostalgia R&P?

My brother, he was an accomplished pianist. After he died I almost expected the piano in my parents house to start playing itself. That house always seemed too quiet after he was gone.

Nostalgia Party Decorating Ideas?

There are endless ways to throw a nostalgia-themed party and planning the decorations can be part of the fun. There are many different themes a nostalgia party can be focused on, such as an individ... Read More »