What does non custodial parent have to provide at their home?

Answer There is no statutory list but the non-custodial parent should provide the following; Quality time with their child.Appropriate sleeping arrangements for the child.A clean and safe environment.Prop... Read More »

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Does a non custodial parent have to provide his or her address to the custodial parent?

Without knowing your state, it is impossible to say. The baseline rule is probably "no," but there actually are a lot of situations where a non-custodial parent might be forced to provide his or he... Read More »

What can the non custodial parent do if the custodial parent does not provide a safe environment for the child?

The child should be removed from an unsafe situation and the non-custodial parent should request temporary physical custody. If you do not have a lawyer you can go to the court in your state and ge... Read More »

What if non custodial parent does not bring kids home when asked to by custodial parent?

This depends on whether this is during the normal scheduled access rights period, or after. The custodial parent has no right to interfere with the normal access period. Any period of time in exces... Read More »

Does the non-custodial parent have to provide the children with a bed for overnight visits?

Answer Every parent mustprovide children with a place to sleep for 8 continuous hours that is clean and suitable for sleeping. They don't have to have a bed per say, but a sofa for older children ... Read More »