Is the name Noel a girl or a boy name?

Answer It can be both but sometimes to for girls they make it noelia ps. noelia is my name

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Does Noel Fielding have any siblings?

yes a brother called mike he plays naboo in the mighty boosh

Will Noel Clarke be in torchwood?

Rumours say that he is not going to be in Torchwood Series 3. And evidence backs this up as he is filming for other things. But as for series in the future - who knows?

How to Make Vegan Buche De Noel?

Creamy bûche de noël is a traditional French dessert for the Christmas or holiday season. In its original incarnation it's not vegan but this version will allow you to enjoy bûche de noël witho... Read More »

What city does Noel Fielding live in?