What does noble birth mean?

Answer Babies born to Royalty!

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What does"noble"mean?

The word "noble" is a description of someone who is distinguished. The word originated somewhere between the years of 1175 and 1225, or the early 13th century. It comes from the Latin word "nobilli... Read More »

What does the term noble savage mean?

A noble savage refers to the idealization of people untouched by modern society, and thus uncorrupted, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. The idea of the noble savage became popular in the Roman... Read More »

What does impending birth mean?

it means that the baby is about to come

What does caesarean birth mean?

An unnatural birth. A natural birth is when the baby is born through the vagina, a caesarean birth is when the baby is born by cutting at the bottom part of a womens stomach which is called the wom... Read More »