What does "no signal" mean across computer monitor?

Answer The monitor is not receiving the signal from the host. 1) if it is a new flat panel, it has more than one type input and you must tell it what input is being used. 2) The cable may be connected to... Read More »

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Computer i was cleaning the inside of my computer it starts OK on monitor it says no signal?

Sounds as if you have loosened one or both of the plugs on the video cable that feeds your monitor while you have been shifting things around. Make sure they are both securely seated, then reboot y... Read More »

No matter what monitor I plug into my computer, it says "No Signal"?

Hardware damage is possible. I am not sure, can u give more details about ur computer's hardware and OS. Also can u tell when u did plug in the tv for the first time was ur computer on or off?Try u... Read More »

What does CRT mean when buying a computer monitor?

Flat screen is LCD. CRT is Cathode Ray Tube, the old fashioned big heavy TV style.

What does it mean when on my computer screen it says no signal input or cable disconnected?

Try rebooting your computer and powering off your monitor. Check the cable at the computer and at the back of the monitor then power the monitor and your computer back on again. If it still recei... Read More »