What does intended major mean?

Answer An intended major is the subject of study you plan to make as the basis for all your college education. Every class you take will go toward satisfying requirements to obtain a degree in a subject ... Read More »

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Can soda pop cans (pun intended) go bad?

Just order your Dew from Canada or Mexico where they still use cane sugar and not HFCS.Also, sunlight can't affect what's stored in an opaque material like aluminum. Heat can however.

Does the Bible state that God intended us all to be vegetarians?

I don't know and I don't care. If it does it's only relevant to a minority of the world's population - Christians.The rest of the world sets no store by what the bible says. Many people regard it a... Read More »

Why circumcise Why not leave them as nature intended?

You could ask the same thing about vaccination and the answer would be the same: It is good to protect children's health with safe minor medical procedures.In Australia it is uncommon for babies bu... Read More »

The cartridge reads "Intended for single use only". Can I REFILL it?

Yeah, it can be done, but HP don't recommend it because they want you to buy new ones from them all the time. I get mine done at this shop called Cartridgeworld, I'm not sure if there's something l... Read More »