What does no ho2s switching detected mean?

Answer No HO2S switching is a computerized trouble code term for vehicles, indicating a failure in the fuel control system. The heated exhaust oxygen sensor (HO2S) monitors fuel pressure, air leaks and ex... Read More »

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Why does my TV keep switching itself off and then on again?

that's the problem with buying Philips,its more than likely out of warranty now, and their customer services wont help you one tiny bit..... you might need a new one...check the sleep timer and the... Read More »

Switching off the TV.?

Hell no. but you will be doing your bit to save the enviroment.... Ive been doing it recently and it makes me feel quite good about myself...... Keep on savin....

Why does my TV keep switching it's self off and on?

Can HIV be detected in a pap smear?

HIV is not detected in a pap smear. If your pap smear comes back normal, it simply means the test did not detect the presence of abnormal cervical cells or human papillomavirus (HPV). A normal pap ... Read More »