What does no ho2s switching detected mean?

Answer No HO2S switching is a computerized trouble code term for vehicles, indicating a failure in the fuel control system. The heated exhaust oxygen sensor (HO2S) monitors fuel pressure, air leaks and ex... Read More »

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What does it mean when Windows has detected a spyware infection?

When Windows says it has detected a spyware infection, your computer system really has some sort of spyware, and that message you see is a part of the spyware (see references for removal instructio... Read More »

If an underdeveloped nose is detected at the seventeen week scan does this mean definite birth abnormality or defect?

What do people mean by switching workouts to trick your muscles?

don't want to get the muscles used to the same routine. If a vato always does a bunch press, he needs to switch it up and do a military press or incline or something like that.

Why does my monitor keep switching its self off?

You probably need to change you power settings, Go to Control Panel then, Power Settings, And change the Monitor settings to NeverIf that does not work you need a new monitor because it probably ju... Read More »