What does nikon ittl mean?

Answer intelligent through-the-lens (flash control)

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What is nikon ittl?

I doubt you'll find any detailed information on the differences between iTTL and D-TTL as Nikon has never divulged (to my knowledge) how either of them work (trade secret). All we really know is th... Read More »

What does DX mean for a Nikon?

DX is Nikon's reference to the size of the sensor contained within its digital cameras. A DX sensor, also referred to as an APS-C sensor, is a smaller-sized sensor than those found in FX, or full-f... Read More »

What does Nikon mean?

The name Nikon, which dates from 1946, is a merging of Nippon Kogaku meaning Japan Optical, and an imitation of Zeiss Ikon.

What does the D in Nikon D### mean?

The D means Digital. But the numbers don't seem to mean anything. For example, Nikon's current lineup goes like this:D3000 - Entry Level (Replaced the D40)D5000 - Advanced Entry Level (Replaced t... Read More »