What does nike mean in greek?

Answer According to Graber Media, the word "nike" is Greek for "victory". Nike is also the Greek goddess of victory, who looks like a woman with wings. The original name of the company Nike was Blue Ribbo... Read More »

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What does Y mean in Greek?

The character Y in Greek is the 20th letter of the classical alphabet, which is known as "upsilon." In its numerical meaning, the letter Y is representative of the value 400.Source:Omniglot: Greek ... Read More »

What does the Greek word opa mean?

"Opa" is an affirmation of a joyous life. It means many things, central to the theme of happiness. Variables include: Bravo! More! To your health! Wow! Bring it on! Absolutely! Live! Celebrate! D... Read More »

What does kappa mean in Greek?

Kappa is a letter in the Greek alphabet. The alphabet's 10th letter, kappa makes an unaspirated "CK" sound. This means that the sound is not followed by a breath. This is heard in words like "lick.... Read More »

What does Elladara mean in Greek?

"Elladara" is the English translation of a colloquial Greek word (Ελλαδάρα) meaning the nation of Greece itself. It is a contemporary offshoot of some other terms for Greece, including the ... Read More »