What does neutral mean in science?

Answer Neutral science refers to science with no predetermined beliefs or biases in observations or explanations. This includes the lack of physical, materialistic and other belief systems in scientific s... Read More »

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What Does Viewpoint Neutral Mean?

Fans of the 1950s TV show "Dragnet" remember L.A. police officer Joe Friday for saying things like, "Just the facts, ma'am." He may not have realized it, but the hard-boiled detective was asking fo... Read More »

What does cost neutral mean?

"Cost neutral" means the cost of doing something is not higher than the revenue it generates. For instance, a city could enter a "cost neutral" contact with a company based upon on how much money t... Read More »

What Do Neutral Colors on a World Map Mean?

Depending on the information a world map is trying to convey, the meaning of neutral colors can vary. Neutral colors on a world map may be used to differentiate topography or any number of phenomen... Read More »

What does ms2 mean in science?

The MS2 bacteriophage is a very small icosahedral (20 equal sides) virus. This bacteriophage, about 26 nanometers in diameter, is part of the Leviviradae family. The effects of MS2 are not harmful ... Read More »