Can I put neosporin on a new cut?

Answer By all means! My standard treatment for "non-suturable" lacerations is gently cleanse the wound with soap and water, pat the area dry enough to apply triple antibiotic ointment and an immediate wo... Read More »

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What does Neosporin do and does it work?

it's pretty safe hon. & if you put in right on a cut,it's more likely to heal faster. It has a formula of 3 antibiodics in it,that protects your cut from getting infected. with a covering, band-a... Read More »

Neosporin for pimples?

One of the most popular topical antibiotics on the market, Neosporin is typically applied to small wounds in order to prevent infection and speed healing. However, more recently Neosporin has also ... Read More »

Why is Neosporin bad for tattoos?

There is petroleum in Neosporin and petroleum based products tend to drain the color from a tattoo and also have no healing agents. My friend used it and had an allergic reaction to it, when she h... Read More »

Neosporin Treatment for Acne?

Neosporin is the name brand for an antibiotic ointment manufactured by the Johnson & Johnson company that is formulated with neomycin, polymyxin B and bacitracin. It is primarily used to keep infec... Read More »