What does national insurance pay for?

Answer It depends on the policy. They are all different and have different rules. Read the policy and discuss it with the agent before you buy. If anything is not clear, ask for a written explanation and ... Read More »

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What happens to national insurance?

can I receive money for my children if their father is on disablity? we are separated

What is national health insurance?

National health insurance is a program by a national or federal government to make sure all its citizens have health care coverage. All industrial countries except the United States have national h... Read More »

What are the benefits of national health insurance?

National health insurance, also called universal health insurance, is a system of government-provided health care to all citizens. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, this is also called gove... Read More »

National Homeowner's Insurance Laws?

Homeowner's insurance has traditionally fallen under individual company policies and state law. Each state has created its own requirements for homeowner's insurance companies, largely due to the u... Read More »