What does my vehicle vin number tell me?

Answer The world's automotive industries adopted the use of the vehicle identification number (VIN) in 1981. The VIN number essentially acts as shorthand for a car's vital statistics.FunctionEvery car com... Read More »

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Does the vin number say where the vehicle was made?

The one of a kind Vehicle Identification Number, VIN, is a wealth of information including where the vehicle was made, when it was made and who the manufacturer was. The first two characters of the... Read More »

What does a vin number tell?

The modern 17-digit vehicle identification number details nearly everything about a car, such as the manufacturer, make, model, attributes and even the plant where it was made. Pre-1950s VINs only ... Read More »

What does an MSDS number tell you?

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) tells how a chemical in the workplace affects workers and provides instructions for decontamination and storage. Companies are requires to keep MSDS forms for da... Read More »

How to Tell What Size Gas Tank a Vehicle Has?

Whenever you want to determine how many miles-per-gallon your vehicle is getting, you'll need to know what size the gas tank is. You'll also need to know the tank size if you want to use a gasoline... Read More »