What does my scale read and am I too heavy?

Answer Your scale is set in Stone/Pound mode (British units). It probably reads 9 stone 3.5lbs? A stone = 14 pounds, so 9 x 14 = 126 pounds, plus 3.5 = 129.5 pounds.If you want to change your scales weigh... Read More »

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How do I read a weight scale?

Household ScaleStand on the scale with both feet firmly planted on the machine. A digital scale shows your weight on the display. An analog scale has a needle that points to your weight. Note the l... Read More »

How to Read an Old Postage Scale?

Knowing how to read an old postage scale is an asset in helping individuals and businesses save money. By getting a precise weight of your letters and packages, you can be sure you are not overpayi... Read More »

How to Read a Logarithmic Scale?

Steps for Reading Logarithmic ScaleSpecific steps for reading values off a logarithmic scale.

How do I read a spring scale?

Table Spring ScalePlace the object to weigh on the top of the scale. Check the face for how the scale measures weight. Wait a few seconds for the springs to settle down, and read the weight indicat... Read More »