What does my child need to know before he goes to kindergarten?

Answer Your child would benefit greatly from attending at least a three hour a day program. They cover so much, and the socialization is so important.

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What My Child Should Know for Kindergarten?

What a child should know before starting kindergarten is a question that is often on parents' minds as they prepare to send their child to kindergarten. Children should have a simple idea of academ... Read More »

How to Have Your Child Read Before Kindergarten?

So we want our Children to Read?Every child deserves a chance to be introduced to the wealth of knowledge gained through the written language. It should begin early, ideally in the warm and loving ... Read More »

How will you teach kindergarten child?

With games, and visual aides. Kids at that age learn quickly and the main thing is to allow kids some freedom, allowing them to be who they are as long as they are behaved. Kids are sponges, so tea... Read More »

My child has to repeat kindergarten?

As a teacher who has taught kindergarten and first grade, it is very important that your child knows the essential kindergarten skills before moving them up to first grade. In first grade, it is a... Read More »