How do I tell my parents that I self mutilate without them getting mad at me I'm 13 1/2 if that helps.?

Answer Of course they'll be mad, put your self in their shoes, they'll feel that they failed as parents when you tell them so make sure you let them know why you're doing it and if your parents had nothin... Read More »

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Would you mutilate, I mean have your child circumcised when he is born just for the sake of it?

I didn't circumcise my son when he was born. He suffered from frequent and severe bladder infections from the time he was about 4 months old. I always changed his diaper promptly and bathed him r... Read More »

Why do people mutilate their bodies with piercings and tattoos?

Well being a Roman Catholic I have to agree. Why do people put too much on they're wonderfully created bodies? Well I personally like piercings on ears, and the bridge of the nose. Tattoo's, well i... Read More »

Do you think its wrong that parents choose to mutilate their baby boys penis's with circumcision?

There is no way that I would have this done to my son. If he chooses later in life to do it, so be it. If it aint broke I aint gonna fix it. I also would not have his appendix removed, or his to... Read More »