Municipal Marijuana?

Answer alaska , Colorado, Maine, Montana, Oregon, New Mexico , Nevada,Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington,

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When should you buy municipal bonds?

On One Hand: Support Local explains that investing in municipal bonds allows you to support a local community project (such as road work or a new school). And income fr... Read More »

How do i buy municipal bonds?

Trades In Real TimeIt's wise to get a feel for the market before making a purchase. Since trades in municipal bonds, or "munis," are reported to the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB), do... Read More »

How to Locate Municipal Bonds?

Municipal bonds are issued by local governments and other revenue authorities such as school boards, airport commissions and water boards. These bonds generally offer investors a relatively low-ris... Read More »

Are municipal bonds tax exempt?

The interest earned on a municipal bond is exempt from federal taxes by the Internal Revenue Service. The tax-free interest on a municipal bond makes the bond an attractive choice for investors.Ref... Read More »