What are tax-free municipal bonds?

Answer Tax free municipal bonds offer investors a fairly safe investment with the added benefit of the interest income not being subject to federal income taxes.HistoryThe federal government does not tax ... Read More »

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What is a municipal lease agreement?

A municipal lease agreement is a sale agreement that is conditional. It can also be referred to as a lease with an option to purchase or an installment purchase agreement.Typical Term LengthNormal ... Read More »

What is a municipal planning organization?

A municipal planning organization or metropolitan planning organization handles transportation planning for a region that may include several cities or counties. It sets long-range transportation p... Read More »

What color are municipal water pipes?

Purple is the standard color for municipal pipes used to distribute treated, reclaimed water. In 2008 it was proposed that waste water also be transported through purple pipes, however, this was de... Read More »

What is a municipal court judge job description?

A municipal court judge is a judiciary official who presides over lower-level tribunals. These magistrates hear civil and misdemeanor cases, such as trespassing and domestic violence, as well as di... Read More »