What does mouseover mean in Microsoft Webpage?

Answer In a website generated by Microsoft software or other web page design software, a "mouseover" or "rollover" is a part of the page that changes when the mouse pointer hovers over it. Examples of mou... Read More »

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How to Create Your Own Webpage Using Microsoft Word?

In addition to functioning as a word processor and text editor, Microsoft Word can also function as a basic web-page creator, enabling you to make simple HTML web pages without needing to know much... Read More »

How to Make a Free Webpage Using Microsoft Word (for Macs)?

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CSS & Mouseover Effects?

CSS mouseover effects can be useful for a variety of things on your website. For example, mouseover effects can be used to to change the color of a link in a navigation menu, providing the user wit... Read More »

How to Do Mouseover on a Web Page?

A mouseover is an effect that takes place when a user moves the mouse cursor over an image and the image changes as a result. Mouseovers are commonly achieved using a client-side scripting language... Read More »