What does mouseover mean in Microsoft Webpage?

Answer In a website generated by Microsoft software or other web page design software, a "mouseover" or "rollover" is a part of the page that changes when the mouse pointer hovers over it. Examples of mou... Read More »

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What does it mean to have a webpage parked for free?

Many companies offer web hosting and domain name registration in return for posting ads or pop-ups on your website. When you have a domain name but no website, these services will hold your domain ... Read More »

How to Create Your Own Webpage Using Microsoft Word?

In addition to functioning as a word processor and text editor, Microsoft Word can also function as a basic web-page creator, enabling you to make simple HTML web pages without needing to know much... Read More »

How to Make a Free Webpage Using Microsoft Word (for Macs)?

You may of heard of websites that allow you to create free webpages or websites. But, they either require you to know HTML code or choose from a selection of pre-made templates. But, if you have th... Read More »

What does"filter applied"mean in Microsoft Outlook?

"Filter Applied," appearing in the status bar in the lower left corner of a Microsoft Outlook window, means that you are viewing a subset of the total data on file, filtered by user-specified crite... Read More »