What does"moot point"mean?

Answer The phrase “moot point” derives from the Old English word "moot," meaning to bring up a topic for discussion. At one time, a moot topic referred to something that was open to debate. In modern ... Read More »

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How to Start Using Moot?

Moot is a mobile social software - launched in June 2008. This is a guide how to start using Moot.

How to Organize Your Moot Folder?

You might encounter strange files while importing the music you have made from your music folder to the Moot folder.

Why petrol has low flash point and high auto ignition point than diesel?

the higher self ignition temperature of the petrol is due to the low density than the diesel. as density = pressure / (R* temperature) R= universal gas constant. ex. hydrogen (gas) has density ... Read More »

How to Write a Point by Point Comparison Essay About Friends?

Writing a comparative essay in a point-by-point format is one of the most straightforward papers to write. As long as you give yourself plenty of time to plan the paper, you'll have little, if any,... Read More »