What does "monetize" a video mean?

Answer monetize - earn money. if you choose to monetize your video, youtube will put adds on it.

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How to monetize a video to youtube?

Note that if you want to upload & monetise footage from games, you need the game creators permission to do so.If you already have permission, then you need to prove it if Youtube aren't allowing it... Read More »

How to Monetize Your Video Online?

This guide provides a quick walk-thru detailing what is required to get started live streaming. It includes a checklist of things needed, basic requirements, some baseline suggestions of equipment ... Read More »

How to monetize my youtube video with music?

Well you need permission from the copyright holder (eg. their label) if you want to monetise from their music. Alternatively there is royalty free music, which means you're allowed to use the music... Read More »

What does 'we're sorry this video is no longer available' in youtube mean when you click on a video title ?

These might be possible:1. The owner deleted it2. Copyright laws - the music is coppyright, or something else3. It's not available in your countryHope this helps!x