Mondo Grass Problems?

Answer Mondo grass (Ophiopogon japonicus) is grass-like perennial groundcover. Mondo favors moist soil and shade, but tolerates drought and partial sun. These grassy groundcovers are low maintenance, acco... Read More »

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How far apart do you plant mondo grass?

Mondo grass sprigs should be planted three to four inches apart for full coverage, and every two inches if forming a border. Mondo grass, also known as Ophiopogon japonicus, is actually a lily--not... Read More »

Does mondo grass spread?

Mondo grass does spread, but it is not an aggressive plant. First, the plants will thicken where they are planted. They do produce seed, but germination is sporadic. Eventually, the grass will spre... Read More »

How often do i need to divide mondo grass?

Black mondo grass spreads more slowly than similar ornamental grasses like liriope and lilyturf, so wait at least two or three seasons until a clump is well established before dividing it. Once mon... Read More »

Mondo Grass Diseases?

Mondo grass is a decorative plant and ground cover that looks similar to a long grass, but produces lavender or white flowers depending on the species. The plant is part of the lily family and is p... Read More »