What is the origin of a monarchy?

Answer A monarchy, rule by one person or a state which is run by one person, is one of the oldest forms of government. The earliest known monarchies existed in Sumer (modern-day Iraq) and ancient Egypt ar... Read More »

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What Are the Different Levels of Monarchy?

Monarchy was once the most common form of government in Europe. What all monarchies have in common is a royal family who inherits ceremonial powers. Some monarchies also still possess legislative p... Read More »

How Do I Teach About Monarchy to Students?

Most students you encounter have either no experience with monarchy, or a very romanticized view of monarchy obtained from reading fairytales and watching movies or TV. Particularly for girls, ro... Read More »

Effects of a Monarchy on the Economy?

In the past, monarchies have burdened citizens with numerous taxes that led to unchecked sovereign spending and corrupt ruling. Economies often suffered as a result -- as evidenced in France just b... Read More »

Types of Jobs in a Monarchy?

A monarchy is a form of government ruled primarily by a single head of state chosen through some form of divine sanction. Traditionally, this head of state (usually a king) was seen as the absolute... Read More »