What does modulation mean in musical terms?

Answer Modulation refers to shifting from one key signature to another in a piece of music. A modulation occurs either by the key shifting up or down. This effect is common in all types of western music, ... Read More »

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What is a capella in musical terms?

In musical terms, "a cappella" is an Italian term that means singing without any instrumental accompaniment. Singers in an a cappella musical group may use their voices to imitate instruments.Refer... Read More »

What does terms net 30 mean?

Net 30 is a term used when a purchaser is billed for a service or product. It refers to 30 days the purchaser has to pay for the service or product delivered without being charged a fee or penalty.... Read More »

What does GUI mean in DVR terms?

GUI means "graphical user interface" in electronic devices like DVRs or digital video recorders, computers, and cell phones. GUI uses graphics and icons rather than text. This type of interface has... Read More »

What does ssg mean in military terms?

The most common use of the abbreviation SSG is in the United States Armed Forces, where SSG is used as an abbreviation for the rank of staff sergeant, according to the University of Cincinnati Army... Read More »