What does modulation mean in musical terms?

Answer Modulation refers to shifting from one key signature to another in a piece of music. A modulation occurs either by the key shifting up or down. This effect is common in all types of western music, ... Read More »

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What is a capella in musical terms?

In musical terms, "a cappella" is an Italian term that means singing without any instrumental accompaniment. Singers in an a cappella musical group may use their voices to imitate instruments.Refer... Read More »

Ascending & Descending Musical Terms?

Musical instruments capable of producing different pitches -- such as the human voice, piano, flute, viola or trombone -- can play patterns of pitches that either ascend or descend. Ascending pitch... Read More »

What Is QPSK Modulation?

In telecommunications, quadraphase shift keying modulation refers to a technique for varying the phase of a carrier wave -- a wave of fixed amplitude and frequency -- by applying a digital signal, ... Read More »

Type of Analog Modulation used for Sound in TV?

In standard analog NTSC (North American) TV, the aural carrier is placed 4.5 MHz above the vestigial visual carrier ... which I think corresponds to 0.75 MHz from the top edge of the RF channel b... Read More »