What does milkweed grow into?

Answer Common milkweed (Asclepias) is a large plant, often growing 6 feet or more in height, which is a crucial food source for the monarch butterfly (and others). It is most notable for its large seedpo... Read More »

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Does the milkweed plant grow in Russia?

Also known as Asclepias syriaca L., milkweed is natural to North America. According to the Interactive Agricultural Ecological Atlas of Russia and Neighboring Countries, the milkweed plant grows in... Read More »

How to Grow a Milkweed Plant?

No butterfly garden is complete without a milkweed plant. Because the monarch butterfly depends on this plant to nurture its offspring, planting it almost guarantees a steady stream of butterflies ... Read More »

What is the bloom time for milkweed?

June through August is the bloom time for milkweed [Asclepias syriaca]. The wildflower reaches a mature height of 2 - 6 feet [60.96 centimeters - 1.8288 meters] tall. At the top of the leaves, whic... Read More »

How does a seed grow into a flower?

Fascinating for both children and adults, the journey of a small seed into a plant almost seems magical. But there are very definite botanical processes at work that transform seeds into stunning f... Read More »