What does microscope mean?

Answer The term micro stems from the Greek word mikros, which means small. The term scope derives from the Greek word skopos, which means to look at or watch. To describe something as microscopic means th... Read More »

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What is a TEM microscope?

A transmission electron microscope, or TEM microscope, is an instrument used to examine specimens at a near-atomic level. The microscope shares a similar design to the more widely used light or op... Read More »

What is a light microscope?

A light microscope is a device used by scientists and students that projects light at a specimen in order to make its details more visible. It is also known as an optical microscope.TypesLight micr... Read More »

What is a stereo microscope?

When a person views something through a typical microscope, the object generally appears flat, as though it has no depth. A stereo microscope is a specialized microscope that shows the depth of an ... Read More »

What is the purpose of a microscope?

Microscopes bring us down to eye level with some of the smallest structures on the planet. These devices find everyday use in schools, medical laboratories and industrial settings.General PurposeA ... Read More »