What does menstrual mean in Latin?

Answer I'm not sure, but it is quite similar to the French work 'mensuel' which means monthly, as in I get the newspaper monthly. French, being a romantic language, traces itself back to the Latin of two ... Read More »

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What does a one-day menstrual period mean?

What does Emily mean in Latin?

The name Emily is of Latin origin. It means "industrious" or "striving," according to It is derived from the feminine form of Aemilius, a Roman surname. Famous Emilys include writer Em... Read More »

What does"batis"mean in Latin?

In Latin, "batis" means "you all saw, you all did see", according to University of Notre Dame Latin Dictionary. Batis is in the second person present tense and is active and indicative.References:U... Read More »

What does photography mean in latin?

Photo means light and ography (pronounced graphe in latin) is drawing or lines. Therefore drawing with light.