What does menorah mean in the hebrew language?

Answer In Hebrew, menorah means "lamp." The menorah is modeled after a seven-branch lamp that was lit in the Temple. Today's nine-branch lamp commemorates a miracle wherein a single day's worth of oil fo... Read More »

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Is Hebrew the mother language?

Scientists call the theory of a single mother language from which all other languages emerged "linguistic monogenesis" or "the mother tongue theory." While some Christian scholars believe Hebrew is... Read More »

When did the Hebrew language begin?

The Hebrew language is both a sacred part of Judaism and a modern tongue in Israel. It's documented history dates back nearly 3,000 years, much like Aramaic, to which it is closely related.Source:R... Read More »

How to Teach the Hebrew Language?

Hebrew is an increasingly popular choice for a foreign language for school children. Not only is it a language with a rich religious history--which appeals to many who home-school for religious rea... Read More »

Hebrew Language Games?

Jewish children preparing for their Bar or Bat Mitzva ceremonies, individuals planning "aliyah" (immigration) to Israel, Bible or rabbinical scholars, students of ancient civilizations or Middle Ea... Read More »