What does mechanical weathering mean?

Answer Mechanical weathering means the breaking down of rock that does not change its chemical composition, according to Kids Geo. One of the most common examples of mechanical weathering occurs when wate... Read More »

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What Are the Four Causes of Mechanical Weathering?

The process of weathering breaks down rocks exposed to the elements into smaller particles that can be carried away by wind and water erosion. Weathering is divided into three broad categories: mec... Read More »

What Is Ice Mechanical Weathering?

Weathering is the natural process by which rocks are broken down into smaller pieces. This is an important process because it eventually leads to the development of functioning ecosystems; life wou... Read More »

What is chemical&mechanical weathering?

Weathering is the process by which rocks and metals break down over time. Mechanical weathering and chemical weathering are the two different classifications of weathering. Mechanical weathering, o... Read More »

What Are the Six Types of Mechanical Weathering?

Mechanical weathering, also referred to as "physical weathering," is the process of breaking and cracking big rocks into smaller rocks by physical force and without any chemical change to the rocks... Read More »