What does meat taste like?

Answer You are so not deprived.:)After having dead animals forced into my body from when I was an infant/ toddler, I of course used to like it simply because my body got used to it, like you can get used ... Read More »

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What does alligator meat taste like?

I work at a restaurant that sells gator on our menu. It tasted like a combo of chicken and calamari. It's okay but i think it's a required tasted and not something that can be eaten all the time li... Read More »

What does giraffe meat taste like?

Very good question. A star for you.I do like to try different meats and someday would like to try ostrich, guinea pig, camel, snake, bat. But I never thought of eating giraffe before and now, I do... Read More »

Why does meat taste so gross to me lately?

That happened to me too. Eggs and certain meat. I have become very picky and can't stand how certain things taste, mostly meat and eggs. Our bodies are always changing, even our taste buds. Plus, w... Read More »

What does human meat taste like?

chicken....sorry. had to.SOMEBODY had to...