What does mean of "lol" in facebook?

Answer LOL means "Laugh Out Loud" But these days people use it all the time instead of at the end of a funny sentence, I know so many people who go "hi, how are you? lol" "oh okay then lol" "hahahahaha lo... Read More »

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What does R8 mean on Facebook?

In Internet parlance "8" often stands in for "ate," as in "sk8" for "skate" or "k8" for "Kate." "R8," then, most often means "rate." If the user is talking about guitars, it can also stand for th... Read More »

What does DP mean in facebook?

What does "lol" mean on facebook?

Lol is a slang word teens usee it means laugh out loud ! So its just like haha :) hope i helped

What does SN: mean on facebook?

It means sidenote. Sometimes people have two thoughts to be placed in one status. In addition, ASN, simply means "Another Sidenote"Example: I love my boyfriend! SN: Work was boring. ASN: Wonder wha... Read More »