What does maximum payload mean?

Answer Maximum payload is a term used in transportation and shipping. It refers to the greatest amount of cargo that can fit in a specific container. Maximum payload is determined by weight or by volume... Read More »

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What is the maximum payload the space shuttle can carry?

What does payload weight mean?

Gross payload weight is the total weight of a vehicle including the passengers and cargo, according to Ford Motor. Payload capacity is the amount of weight a vehicle can carry in addition to its pa... Read More »

What does half-ton payload mean?

A half-ton payload traditionally means a truck with this designation had a payload capacity of 1,000 pounds. However, modern-day trucks with this designation can actually carry loads above 1,000 po... Read More »

How Much Air to Put in Tires With a Payload?

Car tires require proper inflation for safe driving, as well as maintaining a good fuel efficiency. Many drivers do not take into consideration the payload factor when filling their tires with air.