What does maternal parent mean?

Answer Mother.

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What does maternal investment mean?

Maternal investment is a term used in evolutionary biology within paternal investment (PI) to denote a mother's exertion in which the benefits are towards a certain offspring to the extent that it ... Read More »

What does maternal great-grandmother mean?

Your maternal great-grandmother is either of your mother's two grandmothers. Your father's would be called paternal.

If one parent has full custody does that mean that the other parent gives up all rights and visitation to that child?

Answer No. Courts are very concerned that children have the opportunity to spend time with both parents. Unless there are mitigating circumstances, such as proven previous abuse. Even in this scen... Read More »

What does it mean when a parent asks for emancipation?

Emancipation refers to the act of giving a teenager 16 years or older legal independence from his or her parents. The court will decide if it is in the child's best interest to be emancipated from ... Read More »