What does maternal investment mean?

Answer Maternal investment is a term used in evolutionary biology within paternal investment (PI) to denote a mother's exertion in which the benefits are towards a certain offspring to the extent that it ... Read More »

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What does maternal parent mean?

What does maternal great-grandmother mean?

Your maternal great-grandmother is either of your mother's two grandmothers. Your father's would be called paternal.

Does preterm labor run in maternal families?

Answer Preterm labor can run in maternal families but it is no garuntee. The health of your mother and your own health can make a vast difference. If you are concerned about having preterm labor,... Read More »

What to call your maternal uncle's daughter?

Your uncle's daughter is your first cousin. In the English language, it does not matter whether the uncle is a maternal uncle or a paternal uncle. All the children of your aunts and uncles are your... Read More »