Does any one watch hells kitchen what are your views on Marco Pierre White refusing to serve vegetarians?

Answer Do you go to your local hardware store and tell them they are crippling our water reserves because they don't stock low flush toilets? Do you go to your local hairdresser and tell them they are des... Read More »

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What airport is near marco island, florida?

The Marco Island Executive Airport offers flights directly to the island from nearby airports. The closest national and international airport is the Southwest Florida International Airport located ... Read More »

What are the origins of the Marco Polo swimming pool game?

Marco Polo is a game played in a swimming pool by many children and adults; it is a popular game that has been played for centuries. The history of Marco Polo is tied up with the history of the man... Read More »

What did the Italians eat before Marco Polo discovered Chinese noddles?

Marco Polo did not bring pasta back from China and revolutionize Italian cooking (sorry). Polo returned in 1295 after twenty-odd years of travel away from Italy. In 1279, however, a Genoese soldier... Read More »

What are the three modes of a camera Marco protrait and what's the last one?

It's used to increase the focal length of a lens. There are two types you can get a x1.4 and x2. If you place the x2 between the camera and a 300mm lens, then you end up with a 600mm lens - but it ... Read More »