Why does ROTC made mandatory?

Answer Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

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When does HD TV become mandatory?

HD TV Becomes Mandatory Correct answer is never since HD is not mandated. However almost all analog broadcasts will end (on 2/17/09 in the US), so you could say that digital TV is mandated after th... Read More »

Does mandatory or voluntary diversity training work best?

On One Hand: Voluntary Programs BetterAccording to a 2006 study by sociologists Kalev, Dobbin and Kelly, voluntary diversity programs were slightly more effective than mandatory programs as measure... Read More »

Does mandatory drug testing in schools&workplace work?

On One Hand: Military Use has DecreasedWith the advent of the zero tolerance drug policy in military service, there has been a marked decrease in drug use, reports the National Bureau of Economic R... Read More »

Which of the following does not constitute mandatory changing of a cipher lock combination?

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