What do you feed a malnourished dog?

Answer Dogs may survive for only a few days without food. A starving dog will utilize glucose reserves to prevent a complete shutdown of systems within its body. Once the glucose reserves are tapped, the ... Read More »

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What do you feed a malnourished child?

How to Care for a Malnourished Cat?

If you have found a stray cat that appears thin, with its bones showing through its skin, or you can feel its ribs when you touch it, it is probably underweight and malnourished. A cat can become m... Read More »

How can you tell if a child is malnourished?

If a child is malnourished, they will:be really skinny and ribbylook palehave limp, dull hairlook and feel tired a lothave chapped lipsin extreme cases, have blue fingernails

How to Restore Health for Malnourished Kids?

Many children around the globe are facing malnourishment or starvation. This is how to restore health for them