What does"make it rain"mean?

Answer "Make it rain" is a popular Hip-Hop reference to someone who is in a strip club and has a large amount of, usually single, dollar bills and he throws them up in the air. It creates the illusion tha... Read More »

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What does permeability mean on a rain jacket?

Permeability on a rain jacket measures wind resistance and how easily the wind passes through from the outside. The higher the rating is on the jacket, the less wind passes through.References:Back ... Read More »

What does are you hollering down the rain barrel mean?

This catchy phrase comes from a very popular 1894 song, called "I Don't Want To Play In Your Yard." The music was put together by H.W. Petrie, while Philip Wingate wrote the lyrics. In this tune, ... Read More »

What does a rain gauge measure?

A rain gauge is used to determine the quantity of precipitation. Rain gauges commonly are used to measure amounts of rainfall to the nearest hundredth inch, but they can also be used to measure sno... Read More »

What Effect Does Rain Have on Tomatoes?

Tomatoes are 95 percent water, with most varieties soaking up summer rains to become pump and juicy on the vine. Water -- along with sunshine and nutrient-rich soil -- is needed at every stage of t... Read More »