What does macro mean in photography?

Answer Macro photography means taking real close up photographs of your subject like flowers or even baby's toes to capture a lot of detail in your photos.

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How to Improve Your Macro Photography With a Macro Sized Light Box?

In this instance, a macro light box is meant to be a very small one, meant for static macro shots. The top is open for the camera and all four sides are open with a diffusion material.

How to Do Hand Held Macro Photography?

First of all, understand that, for the most part, you really need a tripod to get the best shots with macro photography. That being said, you can get some really good shots by hand holding your cam... Read More »

How to Learn Photography by Shooting Macro?

Watch and learn how light is usedPerhaps you don't have the room, or the money, to set up any type of a studio to really learn about photography. Well, you can do that, using a macro studio and doi... Read More »

How to Make a Flash Reflector for Macro Photography?

If you shoot macro, you can have trouble getting enough light to your subject. Reflectors are a great resource and not having to hold it even better!! This reflector uses your flash as a light sour... Read More »