What does luke chapter 16 mean?

Answer Luke chapter 16 refers to a book of the Bible and a specific chapter within that book. It is located in the New Testament of the Bible.GospelsLuke is one of the four Gospels of the Bible. The oth... Read More »

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What does it mean when a chapter 7 trustee closes the file?

When a trustee closes a file in a chapter 7 bankruptcy, she is officially ending the bankruptcy process because there is no more action to take place in the bankruptcy. It indicates that the bankru... Read More »

What Does a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing Mean for a Struggling Small Business?

Chapter 11 bankruptcies, also known as reorganization bankruptcies, give businesses a chance to reorganize in an effort to pay off debt. Unlike other options such as chapter 7, chapter 11 bankruptc... Read More »

Does Chapter Eleven Mean My Stock Is Not Good Anymore?

Chapter 11 bankruptcy filed by a corporation throws its stockholders into a difficult situation. While their stocks do not immediately become worthless, it's likely stockholders will see little ret... Read More »

What headphones does Luke have in Step Up 3d?

Luke, was using Numark HV-115 very rare DJ headphones here over internet, it is older model I cannot find anything about them.