What Is Dry Lube?

Answer Dry lubricants, popularly known as "dry lubes," are solids that serve as lubricants. They are primarily sold in powder or chalk forms, and are often used in automobiles, bicycles and industrial equ... Read More »

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What is lacri lube?

Lacri-Lube is an over the counter eye ointment that lubricates and protects the surface of the eye. Unlike some eye lubricants, it does not stimulate tear production. Instead, it coats the eye surf... Read More »

What Is the Purpose of Lube Oil?

Lube oil is used in cars and other vehicles with combustion engines. There are many different grades of lubrication oil, but they all have the same primary purposes. They exist to help prolong an e... Read More »

What Are the Functions of Lube Oil?

Lubricating oils, or lube oils, are used in a variety of environments and functions, from the car in the garage to the car on the racetrack. Lube oils are even at work in the factories that make th... Read More »

What Are the Commercial Grades of Diesel Lube Oil?

The types of motor oil approved for use in diesel engines have gone through several evolutions over the past 50 years as a result of improvements in technology. Understanding diesel lubrication gra... Read More »