What does low eye pressure mean?

Answer Eye pressure is called intraocular pressure. It is a measure of the fluid pressure in the eye. According to the International Glaucoma Association, the fluid is called aqueous humor and is meant to... Read More »

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What does barometric pressure mean?

Barometric pressure is also known as atmospheric pressure. It is the pressure caused by the weight of the atmosphere and is measured by a barometer. It is higher at sea level and decreases as you g... Read More »

What does high barometric pressure mean?

Barometric pressure refers to the amount of force per unit the atmosphere has on the air above a specified point. High barometric pressure indicates values above 1013.2 millibars. Barometric change... Read More »

What does it mean if my blood pressure is 151 over 65?

FYI,The difference is called the pulse pressure. Here is an answer to your question from a Mayo Clinic emeritus hypertension specialist…although the answer... Read More »

What does GPM mean with water pressure?

When used with water pressure, GPM stands for gallons per minute. This is a way of measuring the flow of water through a pipe. It is often used in conjunction with PSI, or pounds per square inch, w... Read More »