How to Get Rid of Agaves?

Answer Getting rid of a mature agave with its huge, thorny leaves looks impossible without a suit of armor. The little agave you once carried home in a pot and planted in the yard has either become so lar... Read More »

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How to Say You Are Hot in Spanish?

If you want to give someone a compliment in Spanish, telling them they're hot is certainly one way to go about it. This article will show you how!

How to Say Hi in Spanish?

There are many, many ways to greet someone in Spanish, especially when you start to learn regional and local expressions. To say hi in Spanish using the most universally understood terms, try the f... Read More »

How to Say Mom in Spanish?

"Mom" in Spanish is formally "madre", but there are other words (more casually) which also mean mother, such as "mama" .

What does CPR mean in spanish?