What does loose construction mean?

Answer Loose construction is a term used to describe an open or loose interpretation of an issue, particularly in constitutional matters. It is often used when Congress seeks to expand government powers i... Read More »

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What does"hang loose"mean?

The definition of "hang loose" is to take care, remain calm and relaxed or stay unperturbed. Sometimes used as a parting or farewell between surfers, the term has it's origin within the surfing cul... Read More »

Drum loose in washing machine what does this mean?

Bearings are worn out, its a write off.If you can move the drum up and down about an inch, and in spin its noisy, the bearings are going, the bearings are cheap, but to get at them the whole machin... Read More »

In the TV show episode Little Amadeus The bear is loose what is the song that is played when Minnie the bear gets loose in town and a man is climbing up a flagpole?

Clarabelle the Clown on the (Howdy Doody) program. he created the role, but ditched it. it was a non-speaking role.

Is it safe and realistic to loose 3lbs a week, I'm overweight and need to loose 56lbs?

yup you can do that, good lucktry this6 steps to transform your body1. CONTROLyour portions.Don’t eat until you are full,eat until you’re not hungry.6 STEPS2. QUESTIONeverything you eat.Fresh v... Read More »