What does loose construction mean?

Answer Loose construction is a term used to describe an open or loose interpretation of an issue, particularly in constitutional matters. It is often used when Congress seeks to expand government powers i... Read More »

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What does 11/11 construction mean?

Bokhara rugs from Pakistan use the 11/11 construction to describe the quality of their rugs. The first and second numbers describe the number of knots in one square inch. The number 11/11 therefore... Read More »

What does 11/11 construction for rugs mean?

The quality of Bokhara rugs from Pakistan is measured using two numbers. The first number counts the knots in an inch of the rug's width, the second counts the knots in an inch of its length. The ... Read More »

What does"hang loose"mean?

The definition of "hang loose" is to take care, remain calm and relaxed or stay unperturbed. Sometimes used as a parting or farewell between surfers, the term has it's origin within the surfing cul... Read More »

What does construction in progress mean in accounting terms?

Accounting has a specific method of categorizing assets, so when an asset is in the process of assembly the expenses associated with the asset are categorized as "construction in progress."Referenc... Read More »