What type of bridge is the Tower Bridge in London?

Answer Designed by architect Horace Jones and completed in 1894, the Tower Bridge in London is an openable bascule bridge built in the Victorian Gothic style. It opens approximately 1,000 times per year, ... Read More »

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What does"transfer"mean in bridge?

In the card game Bridge, a "transfer" can indicate one of several things: a bid that shows length in a different suit, when a player makes a call that forces their partner to make a specific call (... Read More »

What does it mean to bridge connections?

The term "bridge connections," means joining together one or more computer networks that are typically separate. When joined, all of the users in the networks can share files, printers and Internet... Read More »

What does London broil mean?

London broil means a tough cut of meat is marinated and cooked in a way that tenderizes it. Tougher cuts of meat that a butcher or restaurant labels London broil include top round steak, sirloin ti... Read More »

How long is the London Tower Bridge?

The London Tower Bridge, on the River Thames in London, is 880 feet long. The suspension bridge, which was completed in 1894, is constructed of steel and masonry. The bridge is open to automobile t... Read More »