What does lol stand for mostly on the computer?

Answer laughing out loudlmbo means laughing my butt offpos means parent over shoulderroflol means rolling on floor laughing out loudty means thank youyw means you're welcomemp means my pleasurethere's hun... Read More »

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What does PC stand for on a computer?

As far as computer jargon goes, "PC" stands for "Personal Computer." Personal computers are just that: personal computers intended for individual use. Since their development, personal computers ha... Read More »

What does ISO stand for on a computer?

ISO stands for "International Organization for Standardization." An ISO file represents an image or digital copy of the contents of some other digital media. For instance, an ISO could be an image ... Read More »

What does ROM stand for on a computer?

ROM is short for "Read-Only Memory." ROM is unalterable (with some very minor exceptions). Incredibly common, ROM is found anywhere from the firmware that boots your computer each time you turn on ... Read More »

What does NIC stand for on a computer?

On a computer, a Network Interface Card (NIC) is an add-on card for a computer that contains a port for you to connect the computer to a network. In modern computers, the NIC is often a permanent p... Read More »