What does lol normally mean?

Answer It can mean many things, Laugh out loud is usually the most normal. Lots of laughter, Lots of love etc. But most likely it would mean if someone typed it, it would mean laugh out loud, on IM progra... Read More »

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What Does the Check Engine Light Normally Mean?

An illuminated check engine light on a vehicle's instrument panel indicates a potential malfunction within the vehicle's systems. The light is triggered by an out-of-range value on one or more sens... Read More »

Can anyone explain what the filter in my plasma tv does what it should look like normally Hitachi42edt41a?

Best bet is to look in the owner's manual for that information. Usually, the manufacturers will explain in simple language what each feature does and since you didn't provide the info from that, I ... Read More »

How long does a cold normally last?

There are many types of virus that can cause a cold, so no cold is identical to another. In addition, our ability to fight a cold varies from person to person and time to time. So colds can last fo... Read More »

How much does an average "Night-out", cost you normally.?

What meal ?Thats taking up valuable drinking time