What does lol mean people seem to use it after comments, like this..."lol"?

Answer i means "laughing out loud". but it can be used to say that, hey! that was funny, or to show that u laugh, and that you necessarily didnt laugh out out loud. it also means that u laughin at your ow... Read More »

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Why do people always like my comments and such?

Because people agree with what you are saying. There is no point in them writing Good Job too it's just a way of showing that they agree with you since there is no agree button. ;)

Where can I see posts and comments I've made on other people's walls?

By Notification. Your post or Comment could be Find in your Home Notification. If you didn't see it jst Click See More

How to Understand Why People Leave Dirty Comments on Youtube?

A lot of people like to put spam, cussing, and catty stuff on YouTube videos. Did you just get a dirty comment on one of your vids? Keep reading.

What about people who hide behind anonymity when they write comments in the internet?

I am reposting your video question, some times they do not work.…I agree that there is a darkside,The internet is a powerful and still very new medium for ... Read More »